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The website is not intended for individuals subject to laws or jurisdictions which prohibit access to the website for any reason whatsoever. Individuals subject to such limitations may not access the website.


The “SSPA Lab” has been developed by the SSPA for information purposes only. It aims to provide to its users an introduction to the most common structured products in Switzerland with an interactive approach. Information made available by the “SSPA Lab”, including, but not limited to, any information generated by the simulator tool, is exclusively provided in order to promote the comprehension of structured products. The information made available by the “SSPA Lab” shall not be construed as an invitation, solicitation, offer or recommendation to buy or sell financial instrument (including, but not limited to, the structured products included in the “SSPA Lab”) or as investment advice. The SSPA does not accept any liability, explicitly or implicitly, for the accuracy of the information made available by the “SSPA Lab”. Users shall be aware that such information may not reflect the most recent information available. For instance, no real-time market prices are used by the simulator tool.


We accept no liability, explicitly or implicitly, for the accuracy of the information and views, including information and views of service providers or third parties, contained on the website. SSPA and its data providers take all reasonable steps to ensure the reliabaility of the information published without, however, guaranteeing their accuracy, reliability, completeness and topicality, details and views contained therein.

No purchase offers, no investment advice

The information contained in the website shall be construed neither as invitations, offers, recommendations to buy or sell investment instruments, to undertake other transactions, nor as investment advice.


In no case, including gross negligence, shall SSPA be held liable for losses or damage of any kind whatsoever. The same shall apply without limitation to direct, special indirect or collateral damage that may result from accessing, use of, performance of or querying the website. Neither SSPA nor its members or other contractual partners provide any guarantees or assurances whatsoever regarding the data and information contained on said website, particularly as to accuracy, topicality, completeness, actionability, commercial exploitability or other suitability for specific uses.


Users shall be fully liable for damage (in particular damage to the computer system) and data loss caused by downloading data from said website.

Linked websites

Activating certain hyperlinks on the website may entail quitting the website. SSPA has not examined sites linked to its website and assumes no liability whatsoever for their content, products or services offered, or any other offers they may contain.

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All information and analyses contained on the website are the property of SSPA or the service provider concerned, or the third party that provides such information to such providers or to SSPA. Copyright is owned by the Swiss Structured Products Association or the service provider concerned or the third party which supplies such providers or us with the information concerned. Accessing, copying, saving and processing information for private usage, in whole or in part, from the website, shall be permitted. Reproduction of elements, in whole or in part and in any form whatsoever, whether electronic or as hardcopy, requires a mention of SSPA. Copyright information, brand names and other legally protected designations may not be changed or suppressed. Complete or partial reproduction of the website or its use for public or commercial purposes shall be subject to prior written agreement from SSPA.

Password-protected area

SSPA may deny access to password-protected areas if it suspects that a user may make improper use of the area’s application potential.

Privacy statement

To fulfill its business purpose, SSPA uses only personal data provided explicitly by users. SSPA does not store data such as individual user patterns, cookies or clicks on specific banners. Users agree that SSPA may make use of user data for its own marketing purposes. SSPA guarantees that personal user data and e-mail addresses shall not be made available to third parties. Users may delete their personal profile at any time, with the consequence that they can no longer use password-protected areas of or the e-mail service. Deletion triggers complete removal of personal data from SSPA’s database.
SSPA and its hosting partners shall do everything within their power and according to the current state of the technology concerned to protect user data against unauthorized access by third parties.
The attention of users is drawn to the fact that they contribute to data security by not using overly obvious usernames and passwords, and that they should store such usernames and passwords in a well-protected manner, separate from their computer systems.

Important information

Please be aware that all the information on this website is for educational purposes only and does not represent real offerings. If you would like to obtain a real price or purchase a Structured Product, please contact your financial advisor or one of the SSPA member banks for more information. Have a look at the complete Disclaimer.

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