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Barclays Capital joins SSPA

Barclays Capital has joined the ranks of the Swiss Structured Products Association’s active members. The move further strengthens the power of structured products as an important investment instrument as well as the Swiss financial center as a whole.

Zurich, April 1, 2010. Barclays Capital, the investment banking unit of global financial services provider Barclays Bank PLC, has joined SSPA, the Swiss Structured Products Association. Barclays Capital is a leading provider of structured products across the full range of asset classes and has dedicated teams in key markets around the world, including Zurich. Commenting on the move to join the SSPA, Peter Pilavachi, Director of Swiss Distribution & Investor Solutions at Barclays Capital, says: “The Swiss financial center has a strong heritage as a strategically important financial services market. It continues to be one of the world’s key asset management markets, which is why Barclays Capital intends to expand its structured product range in Switzerland over the next few years. By joining the SSPA, Barclays Capital again signals its ongoing commitment to being a leading financial services provider in Switzerland.” Switzerland’s 18 most important issuers are members of the SSPA SSPA now represents the interests of 18 issuers and two passive members which together account for more than 95 percent of Switzerland’s structured products market. With the move of Barclays Capital, SSPA continues its strategy to position itself as the primary point of contact in the field of structured products. SSPA President Roger Studer: “Thanks to the addition of new members, SSPA strengthens awareness and understanding of structured products in Switzerland. Another reason we welcome Barclays Capital with open arms is that it underscores the Swiss financial center’s strengths and powers of innovation.”



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