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Discover the Potential

Many investors have discovered the flexibility and innovative nature of structured products. To help promote and show the potential of structured products, the Swiss Structured Products Association, SSPA, is launching a communication offensive entitled ‘Discover the Potential’.

Zürich, June 1, 2012. The current financial year is marked by an uncertain market environment with a less-than-positive outlook. Which makes discovering the potential of structured products all the more vital because their targeted use can lead to profits even when markets are static or falling.

Discovering and exploiting the potential of structured products

Structured products have shown to be innovative and flexible investment instruments. Even so, many investors have yet to realize their potential. The Association wants to change all this with a communication offensive that reveals their full potential. The objective is for investors to familiarize themselves with structured products, apply the information and explanations that issuers and the Association provide, or to discuss optimum use of this innovative investment product with their bank adviser.

The communication offensive, developed in close cooperation with Zurich agency Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, deploys five visual treatments of the hidden potential of structured products. For instance, the visual of a pine cone hints at the forest-to-come and its oxygenproducing potential, while a pomegranate denotes delicious fruit and anti-aging-cream ingredient. Explains SSPA President Daniel Sandmeier, “The campaign visuals point to unique hidden potentials as they convey the message of the ‘Discover the Potential’ campaign. Structured products are innovative, flexible, and frequently underestimated alternative investment instruments.”

The campaign in the electronic and print media is certain to raise awareness of the hidden potential of structured products.

Important information

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