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Eusipa Derivative Map launched

Eusipa Derivative Map launched today – New European Classification Standard for Structured Products

The European structured investment products association (eusipa) launched today the organisation’s “Derivative Map”. The new tool represents a visualisation of the respective product categories both by a numbering system and graphics of the payout profiles. eusipa had already adopted the basic system in February this year. It differentiates on a first level between Investment Products and Leverage Products. On a second level, the former are segmented into Capital Protected Products, Yield-Enhancement Products and Participation Products. Member associations can combine the latter two in order to form one single category should national market conditions make this necessary. “There is a lot of talk about structured products being too complex to comprehend”, eusipa’s President Reinhard Bellet points out. “Our Derivative Map will now provide all market participants including private investors with a valuable and handy tool to assess all varieties. Standardising the terms will be key for comparability and the acceptance of our products. We also plan to publish European market statistics in accordance with the eusipa system.” “I am convinced that we are at the beginning of a success story”, Roger Studer, Vice President of eusipa adds. “The extremely positive experiences we have made in Switzerland with a very similar system make us believe that the eusipa map and our categorisation system will become the European standard within very short time.” Indeed not only eusipa associations but also more than 20 major issuers, exchanges and data providers have already committed to use the eusipa categorisation in future. The eusipa Derivative Map can be accessed on and also be ordered free of charges as printed versions in different formats there. Please register at in order to receive future press releases.

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