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High turnover in structured products continues

According to the Swiss Structured Products Association’s (SSPA) third market report, in Switzerland structured products continue to be of great interest to investors in spite of the currently volatile markets. Product variety has increased and the SSPA’s quarterly statistical market report gives investors a better long-term overview of market trends.

Zurich, November 8, 2007. SSPA’s new market report reflects the continuing growth of the market for structured products. Structured products in Swiss bank deposits at the end of July 2007 totaled CHF 341 billion, 13.67 percent more than at the beginning of the year. Today, structured products account for 6.45 percent of all investments held in Swiss bank deposits compared with other categories of securities such as shares or funds. According to SSPA president Roger Studer, “Not least because they are so innovative, structured products have become an important, economically relevant part of modern asset management in recent years”. The Association believes that in the next two to three years the market will continue to grow. SSPA Executive Director Eric Wasescha states that “Especially in a volatile market, investors consider structured products attractive because there are products for every market view.”

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