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Interactive information tool for successful investing with structured products

Within the context of its ongoing dissemination of information about structured products, the Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA) has developed an interactive information tool. This provides potential investors in a simple and straightforward manner with valuable information about the correct use of structured products.

Zurich, 24 October 2014. The Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA) was founded for the purpose of promoting and strengthening knowledge and understanding of structured products in the specialist media and amongst investors. As part of the continuous expansion of the provision of information, an interactive information tool has been created for potential newcomers to the world of structured products. This explains to investors in straightforward terms how individual investment ideas can be implemented with structured products. The tool is available on the association website with immediate effect. Daniel Sandmeier, SSPA President: “One of the SSPA’s central objectives is to provide clear and easily comprehensible facts and figures as well as background information about structured products. We focus in particular on general product understanding and the correct deployment of the products. The interactive information tool demonstrates how individual investor needs can be optimally covered by the deployment of structured products. It supplements the existing information instruments such as the Swiss derivative map, knowledge test, potential proposals and informative videos.”

All information provisioning instruments are available on the Association website


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