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New edition of the Derivative Map – Development milestone for the SSPA Swiss Derivative Map©

In cooperation with financial and business newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft, derivates exchange Scoach, as well as, SSPA Swiss Structured Products Association has just published a new edition of the SSPA Swiss Derivative Map©, now based on the pan-European structured product classification.

Zurich, October 19, 2009. SSPA Swiss Structured Products Association’s structured products categorization model, launched in June 2006, was first in listing detailed information in compact form in its Derivative Map, which categorizes all structured products traded at the Scoach derivates exchange. Pan-European classification based on the Swiss model Eusipa, the European Structured Investment Products Association, considered the SSPA Swiss Derivative Map of model character and adopted it as the basis for the first uniform and Europewide categorization of structured products, to be issued in October 2009. According to SSPA president Roger Studer, “Customers and investors now find investing easier, particularly when it comes to cross-border transactions.” More user-friendly The new SSPA Swiss Derivative Map© has in turn taken the pan-European categorization model on board. Product types stay the same, only the numbering has changed. More specifically, the changes consist of

• subdivision into the two main categories Investment and Leverage Products to create an additional hierarchical level that permits assigning risk ratings to product categories, beginning with low-risk Capital Protected Products

• new, four-digit numbers for each product type to allow for one more hierarchical level and to make direct cross-border comparison of structured products possible

• a clearer classification layout to facilitate navigating between product types.

SSPA Swiss Derivative Map© available in three languages A product type mapping table listing current and new product type numbers is available on the Association’s website. The new SSPA Swiss Derivative Map© in German, French or English can be ordered free of charge on the website, and the folder version is now also available in French and English versions.


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