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Current inflation rates mean that people’s savings are losing value. But where should you invest if the markets remain uncertain? A good answer to that question is capital protection notes. These are among the most secure and popular structured products in Switzerland.
Capital protection notes are ideal for investors who have a strong need for security and want to get back the capital they have invested at the end of the term regardless of market performance.

Get to know one of the most secure investments.

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How the product works

Most capital protection notes have a term of several years at the time of issuance and guarantee that a specified minimum amount will be repaid at maturity. This is usually 100% of the issuance price, meaning that you will get back the capital you invested in full. As a basic rule of thumb, the lower the security threshold, the greater the chance of making price gains. The capital guarantee normally only comes into effect at maturity. If you sell the product prior to the end of its term, the redemption price could also be below the guaranteed repayment value.

Features of capital protection notes with participation

With 100% capital protection, full repayment of capital invested at maturity.
With 100% capital protection, no risk of losses at maturity.
Participation in the positive performance of the underlying security at maturity, but no dividend.
The value may fall below the capital protection during the term and there is an issuer exposure risk.

You can buy capital protection notes here.

You can obtain capital protection notes from your consultant at your local bank or from one of the following issuers.

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