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SSPA – a thoughtful ambassador for the structured products industry in Switzerland

The Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA) was founded on 4 April 2006 and represents the shared interests of the most important market stakeholders within the structured products industry. It currently has 40 members. With an investment volume of around CHF 200 billion, Switzerland is the world’s largest market for structured products.

The SSPA aims to represent the entire value chain from issuers and buy-side issuers, trading platforms, buy-side to brokers and partners. Today the Association represents more than 95 % of the market volume for structured products in Switzerland. In addition, the Association aims to improve understanding and knowledge of structured products and to have a lasting positive influence on the operating conditions for these innovative financial products within the Swiss financial centre. In order to assert its influence in the long term, the Association positions itself with all stakeholders as an expert and fair interlocutor and maintains a close and constructive dialogue.

It aims to achieve these goals by:

  • raising the profile of structured products and of its members, both within Switzerland and abroad,
  • providing information about structured products and their deployment in the field of asset management, as well as promoting their acceptance,
  • acting as a communications body to safeguard the shared interests of its members, inter alia vis-à-vis public authorities, other associations, the media, national and international organisations,
  • making recommendations where appropriate and defining rules of conduct and industry standards,
  • observing the environment and framework conditions of structured products at home and abroad and preparing studies along with statistics and proposed solutions to questions posed by members.

Our Bylaws
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The Association consists of three bodies, the Delegate Meeting, the Board and the Business Office.

Delegate Meeting

Each Association member nominates two delegates, who meet at regular, annual Delegate Meetings. The delegates elect the Board, each member having one or two votes, depending on the category.


The Association’s Board consists of up to six members, chosen from among active Association members. At least three board members must be members of an active member Issuer. If more than three active members Buy-Side & Markets are represented in the Association, one board member must be a member of an active member Buy-Side & Markets.

The Business Office

Staffed by the Board, the Business Office handles day-to-day affairs. Each of its three activity sectors is headed by a sector head. Additional working groups can be nominated by the Board as needed on an ad-hoc basis.


Georg von Wattenwyl

Chairman of the Board

Global Head Structured Solutions Financial Institutions

Bank Vontobel AG

My work in the Association is intended to contribute to the standardisation of structured products and their market infrastructure in the interests of all participants. At the same time, the acceptance of investors will be increased through targeted training and easier access.

Sylveline Besson

Member of the Board

Head of Capital Markets

CA Indosuez Wealth Management

The mission of the buy-side is to increase structured products penetration in client portfolios thanks to our capacity to demonstrate diversification, efficiency and performance created by such products in an investment context.

Irene Brunner

Member of the Board

Head Exchange Traded Solutions Switzerland
BNP Paribas

With my work in the SSPA, I would like to contribute to increasing the acceptance and awareness of structured products and our industry among investors.

Thomas Wicki

Member of the Board

Head Equity Derivatives Sales Switzerland


With my work in the Association, I would like to promote the acceptance of structured products among professional and institutional investors and work towards common market standards that help to increase transparency.

Willi F.X. Bucher

Member of the Board

Head of Structured Products & FX Advisory

Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft

It is my ambition to further promote the understanding and acceptance of Structured Products and thus indirectly contribute to the Swiss financial centre.

Markus Bader

Member of the Board

Head of Equity and Structured Products

Zürcher Kantonalbank

As a member of the association, my goal is to help shape the future of this very dynamic industry and actively contribute to further increasing the acceptance and use of structured products as an investment instrument - among private investors as well as institutional investors.

Business Office

Jürg Stähelin

Executive Director / Public Relations



Deployed correctly, structured products can increase the value of every portfolio. I intend to engage in intensive dialogue with all target groups to make the advantages of structured products better known, and to strengthen their reputation and acceptance now and in the future.

Peter Keller

Director Operations & Standards

Mobile: +41 79 402 02 31

In recent years the proportion of structured products as part of the portfolios of long-term strategic investors has grown considerably faster than that of other investments. How stock market trends are best exploited using custom-tailored risk/opportunity profiles has today become more important than scouting for promising stocks and markets.

Daniel Haeberli

Director Legal & Regulation

Partner Homburger AG


Structured products offer broad flexibility and the ability to react quickly in all market situations. As an association, we are actively committed to the best possible regulatory framework and offer our members guidance and support in the challenging regulatory environment.


Member Application

As a broad-based industry association covering the entire value chain, the SSPA aims to represent the interests of the entire industry and to improve understanding and knowledge of structured products. In addition to issuers, there is a special focus on the buy-side, including banks and independent asset managers. SSPA membership is seen as a “seal of approval” that establishes a corresponding quality standard and thus provides added value for members and investors.

Depending on the status, SSPA membership is possible as issuer, buy-side issuer, representative of the buy side & trading platforms or as broker and partner.

  • Issuers:
    Issuers of structured products distributed in/from Switzerland and companies that hedge the risks of these issuers.
  • Buy-side issuers:
    Issuers and guarantors of structured products that are not distributed by their own sales team in Switzerland and for which the risk from the issue is hedged via third parties (“whitelabelling”).
  • Buy-side & trading platforms:
    Distributors of structured products in/from Switzerland (including banks and independent asset managers) that are not issuers; along with stock exchanges and electronic marketplaces.
  • Brokers & partners:
    B2B intermediaries and service providers in the value chain of structured products in Switzerland that are neither issuers or distributors, nor institutional investors or academic institutions.

Membership Model

Issuers Buy-Side Issuers Buy-Side Partner
Definition Issuers of SP that are distributed in/from CH as well as companies that hedge risks from these issuers. Issuers of structured products that are not distributed via their own sales team in Switzerland and where the risk from the issue is hedged via third parties. Distributors of SP in/from CH (incl. banks, independent asset mgrs. and B2B intermediaries) who are not issuers; exchanges and electronic marketplaces. Service providers for the SP value chain in CH, who are neither issuers nor distributors; institutional investors and academic institutions.
Eligibility for SSPA committee At least 3 members
SSPA President
At least 1 member Not eligible
DA representation 2 delegates / 2 votes each 1 delegate / 1 vote each 1 delegate / 1 vote each Non-voting guests

Why become a SSPA member? The benefits of SSPA membership.

Actively shape the future of our industry:

  • Actively contribution to shaping, developing and anticipating trends on Swiss and European markets
  • Actively participation in the development of structured products on Swiss and European markets
  • Discussions on key issues of relevance to the Association and the industry
  • Membership as a “seal of quality” and as a sign of commitment to the financial centre and to our clients
  • Outstanding network

Access to exclusive events and information:

  • Access to exclusive industry events and insights – for example, InfoTalks, platform during the Finance Fair
  • Access to SSPA information materials, videos, knowledge transfer materials for employees, information videos and market statistics updates for Switzerland and Europe
  • Access to relevant legal topics, regulations and guidance
  • Active participation in various working groups, a dedicated network of experts and access to the minutes of the various working groups

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Head Office.

Upcoming Events

SSPA Summer Apéro Zurich

4. July 2024


The association's Board is pleased to invite you to the SSPA Summer Apéro in Zurich.

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Börsentag Zürich

24. August 2024

Kongresshaus Zürich

Claridenstrasse 5 «Eingang K», 8002 Zürich

Congress & trade fair for private investors

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International Structured Products Forum

3./4. September 2024

Mandarin Oriental Palace

Haldenstrasse 10, 6006 Luzern

The organization and planning of the 14th International Structured Products Forum in Lucerne is progressing rapidly. This year's event will take place on 3 and 4 September 2024 at the Mandarin Oriental Palace in Lucerne – a great opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss the latest trends in our industry.

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SSPA Delegates Meeting 2024

26. September 2024

Auditorium, Bank Vontobel

Bleicherweg 21, 8002 Zürich

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SSPA InfoTalk Lugano

24. October 2024


The association's Board is pleased to provide you with a brief update on the SSPA’s past and future activities as well as recent industry developments. Each Board member will inform you on their most important projects in the coming year.

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SSPA InfoTalk Geneva

21. November 2024

The Ritz Carlton

11, Quai du Mont-Blanc, 1211 Geneva

The association's Board is pleased to provide you with a brief update on the SSPA’s past and future activities as well as recent industry developments. Each Board member will inform you on their most important projects in the coming year.

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Jürg Stähelin

Executive Director / Public Relations



Important information

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